Why we got started

The event that lit our desire to set a new standard

Put simply, SafeCircle was started because our own experience of existing evening childcare solutions is that they are not as safe as they appear or fit for purpose for the modern family.

It is our strong belief that every parent should have the right to regular "me" time through easy access to safe and affordable evening childcare. To get this, most parents turn to one of three options:

  • Family or friends (if they are lucky enough to have them around)
  • Existing childcare agencies
  • Childcare directories
Existing childcare agencies

Our Managing Director, Keeley, used to work for one of the leading agencies in the country. It was one day when a family she was working for asked about her checks, that she realised the agency had not police checked her since she started... 10 years ago!

Does the agency you use promise to check babysitters when they join AND on an ongoing basis?

It frightened us to realise that parents were innocently trusting that agency. And we know it would frighten every one of their customers, if only they knew.

Childcare directories

On the other hand, childcare directories rarely commit to any standard of checks. Some sitters are checked, some are not, creating a huge pool of sitters for parents to sift through, and a lengthy process to find the safest and most qualified. That's even before they are required to interview, police and reference check every one.

It was clear to us that parents needed a new option that set a higher standard, one which actually met parents' expectations on safety, saved them time and which they could trust time and again.

This is when SafeCircle was born.

SafeCircle is born

With SafeCircle, we're giving back to parents like you the "me" time you deserve by giving you a trusted and simple-to-use platform for arranging safe evening childcare.

At SafeCircle we promise that every sitter you choose will be thoroughly checked when they join, and always into the future, for as long as they choose to serve local families like yours.

We make accessing the highest quality sitters simple, by doing all the hard work for you. Our comprehensive check and review process saves you enormous amounts of time over childcare directories, because we've already found the best sitters near you. And online payments takes the hassle away from ending the booking.

We love making a difference to the lives of local families, and taking our new standard in babysitting even further afield.

We look forward to welcoming you soon,

The SafeCircle Team

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