How SafeCircle Works

From signup to sitter in minutes.


Requesting a sitter


View sitters in your local area and select those to offer your booking to.


Place your booking and we'll send it to your selected sitters.


We confirm with you which one of your sitters has accepted the booking.


You go out and have fun, leaving your children in the safe hands of our qualified sitters.


Your online payment is sent direct to your sitter at the end of the booking.

Key Features

Designed to give you maximum flexibility whilst staying ultra easy to use.

Preferred Sitters

You might find that you prefer to use some sitters more than others. With our My Sitters feature you are in full control over who we offer your bookings to and when.

Cashless payments

Ending your booking is as easy as starting it. Simply End & Pay and we'll charge your card and transfer payment direct to your sitter. No more cash machines.

Urgent booking

For those vital or last minute bookings, we've created the Urgent Bookings feature. This gives you the option of sending to all local sitters for the best chance of fulfilling your booking.

Home or away

You can book for any home, other home or hotel in our operating areas. Perfect for that hotel wedding or visiting friends.

More Features

Asset 3

Provide and review feedback from parents who have booked before you.

View qualifications

See each sitter's qualifications, current role and more on the sitter profile.


  • What information do I need to provide when I signup?expand_more

    We ask for some basic information such as address, parent and child details, and any information about pets, which helps target the best sitters.

    You don't need to provide credit card details to create an account, which means you can review your local sitters in confidence. You'll only be asked for card information once you make a booking.

  • Will my sitter contact me?expand_more

    Yes, you will receive a call from your sitter two hours prior to the booking time to confirm the booking and to check on any additional information for the booking such as parking arrangements.

  • Can I meet my sitter before I book?expand_more

    We have regular events throughout the year where our sitters come along to meet with families so this is a great opportunity for you to meet some local sitters before making a booking. Check out our Facebook page for details of upcoming events.

    Our new 'Call Request' feature also allows you to talk to sitters before you book. If you’re unsure perhaps book a sitter an hour earlier than you’re planning to go out giving you time to observe how they get on with your child.

    You can get more ideas in our blog post "Top Tips for Anxious Parents".

  • How many sitters do you have in my area?expand_more

    This very much depends on where you live, as our sitters are spread out across the regions we serve. Currently the best way to find out is to sign up and view your 'My Sitters' page.

    What we can say with confidence is that you won't have the burden of searching through 100s of profiles as with childcare directories. This is because, unlike with directories, we do the hard work for you to find and recruit only the safest, most qualified and verified professionals in your area.

Checks & Processes

We run various processes to ensure our sitters always meet our high standards, and to ensure that you can have confidence to book every time.

  • check Safe recruitment

    Initial face-to-face interview, ID, police, first aid and reference checks

  • check On-going checks

    Regularly reviewing police checks, feedback and paediatric first aid