Safety Features

Caring for the safety of our sitters and families alike.

For Families

Features that help protect your family

Safe recruitment

At the heart of what we do is our safe recruitment process. We make sure every one of our sitters meets the highest standards available. You can read more here.

On-going checks

This is where we go further than other agencies. Not only do we recruit the safest babysitters but we ensure they stay that way with a continuous cycle of checks.


As part of our on-going cycle of checks, we ensure that our sitters are maintaining our high standards. Sitters who fail to meet our standards are immediately withdrawn from service until further notice.

Phone support

We are available for every evening booking by phone support. If any issues arise then just call us and we will assist to ensure the smooth running of your booking.

Secure payment

Booking payments are taken online through the app, meaning your details are never shared with anyone. Payment is passed securely to the sitter.

Personal data security

Your family's data is stored online using the latest security standards. A secure login system and industry standard encryption ensure your information is protected.

For Sitters

Features that help protect you

Phone support

Our phone support is not just for families. We are always available for if you ever require any help or advice on a booking. Never hesitate to get in touch.

Family de-activation

Sitter feedback is important to us too. If we hear of any concerns about families from sitters we have the right and ability to de-activate families from the system until further notice.

Secure payment

Your earnings are transferred directly to the family using the highest online security standards. Not having to worry about cash ensures a safer end to each booking.

Personal data security

Your data is stored and encrypted using the latest security standards. Only the necessary information is shared with families; your place of work and other personal details will always remain hidden.