SITTER Standards

Our guide to a great babysitting

SafeCircle sitters observe these 6 standards before, during and after every booking:


Safety is each SafeCircle sitter's highest priority. Every sitter is a capable, professional childcarer who is able to act appropriately in an emergency. Each has a current Paediatric First Aid certification which is refreshed every 3 years. Our support phone line provides additional advice should it ever be required.


Every SafeCircle sitter holds an ID card which they will present upon arrival to show that they have been SafeCircle approved and are the allocate babysitter for your booking.


SafeCircle babysitters are carefully selected for their ability and desire to engage with children and further their personal development. Our sitters will use their time to interact with your children through play and activities. TV time is kept to a minimum whilst your children are awake (unless otherwise instructed).


Talking or texting on the phone is limited only to emergencies while your children are awake. Our babysitters do not invite friends or visitors to your home whilst you are out. SafeCircle sitters remain professional throughout the booking.


When leaving a family's home, your SafeCircle sitter makes sure that your home is as it was or better than when they arrived, cleaning up after themselves and the children in their care.


SafeCircle sitters are happy to be requested back by member families for future bookings. This can be done through your 'My Sitters' list. Find out more about 'My Sitters'.

Trusted by great parents

Feedback from families is vital to maintaining consistently high standards